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Our VPO® Approach
a unique, three-step approach applied to all of our custom orthotic solutions
based on your unique needs

From your first visit to follow-up care, we see each step in the process as a step towards enhanced foot care & overall patient well-being

Step One: Assessment

First, a full medical history of your lower extremities is conducted by a Certified Pedorthist.

Next, we examine both the range of motion & the anatomical features of your foot in order to assess for any biomechanical variances that may be contributing to your condition or concerns.

Finally, a gait (walking) analysis is observed to gather a general understanding of your lower limb function during activity. If custom orthotics are deemed necessary, we will then perform a foot casting using either a 3D Volumetric Scan or the Plaster of Paris Technique.

Post-completion of your biomechanical assessment & gait analysis will focus on the formulation of a treatment plan that aligns with both your treatment goals & overall well-being.

Step Two: Treatment

The fabrication process now begins!

Your custom orthotics will be designed unique to your daily activity, foot condition or concerns, as well as the footwear that they will most frequently be applied-in, for example, walking shoes, running shoes, dress shoes, work boots, etc.

More specifically, we will utilize data points derived from your biomechanical assessment & gait analysis, as modelled on your 3D Volumetric Scan (each conducted in Step One), that will incorporate a balance of highly technical, precise instrumentation & hand-crafting techniques, with materials suited to your daily activity.

This process is typically completed within a 7-day turnaround period.

Step Three: Fitting

Your custom orthotics are now fully fabricated and ready for your feet!

We will contact you to schedule your fitting appointment to ensure that the end product comfortably fits both your footwear & treatment goals.

During this appointment, you will be advised on an early break-in period in addition to detailed care instructions for your custom orthotics.

After the early break-in period, we encourage you to follow-up with your Certified Pedorthist both to address any potential areas of concern and to ensure that we, together, have the right fit as you step forward with your new pair of custom orthotics.

Note: Adjustments may be necessary if you are experiencing difficulties in adapting to your custom orthotics following the early break-in period. Accordingly, we provide a free six-month structural warranty for any modifications required within this time.

We have the experience to provide you with the right fit for your goals
We are committed to servicing your needs from start to finish
We offer fast, friendly, & quality care centered on overall patient well-being
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