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Plaster Casting

Step One: Assessment »

To start off, a comprehensive medical history of your lower extremities is taken. Next we assess your range of motion, looking for any variances that may be contributing to your complaints. A gait analysis is also done to get a better idea of your lower limb function during activity. We may then take an impression of your feet if an orthotic is deemed necessary.

With this foundational assessment completed, we will put together a solution plan that will align with your own goals (occupational, athletic etc) and will then move into the treatment phase.


custom made orthotics

Step Two: Treatment »

Your custom-made orthotics will be unique to your activity, your condition and the footwear they will be used in.

The manufacturing of your new custom-orthotic is completed with a balance of highly technical and precise instrumentation and hand-crafting techniques to ensure that the end product completely suits your treatment plan.


custom orthotics abbotsford

Step Three Follow Up »

After your custom orthotics has been manufactured, we will arrange for a fitting appointment to ensure the end product properly fits in your shoes and addresses your needs.

You will be advised on a break-in period with your orthotics, especially if it will be your first time wearing them. Adjustments may be necessary if you are having any difficulties with your custom orthotics. We encourage you to follow-up with your Pedorthist after the break-in period if you are experiencing any issues with your orthotics.


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