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DonJoy® Knee Bracing

  • DonJoy® is a global leader of functional orthopaedic devices, delivering on a complete "Orthopaedic Continuum of Care" from pain & mobility to post-operative rehabilitation.

  • In your free, no-obligation consultation, our knee bracing specialists will conduct a comprehensive medical history and, if prescribed by a doctor, review your referral & work within your extended health benefits and/or budget to determine the best brace for your unique symptoms, treatment goals & lifestyle.

  • Unlike other providers, our care continues beyond the fitting of your brace. We are available for free follow-up care and to help you with any questions that you may have now and going forward with your new knee brace.

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Braces & Supports

  • Our doctor-recommended selection of braces & supports have set a new standard of rehabilitative care for arthritis, fractures, sprains, strains, tears & other injuries with patented technology, including the use of graduated pneumatic compression. Valley Proactive Orthotics® provides the following bracing & support solutions:

    • Foot-Ankle-Knee-Hip-Back(+) Lower Limb Braces & Supports

    • Hand-Wrist-Elbow-Shoulder(+) Upper Limb Braces & Supports

    • Immobilizing + Stabilizing Braces & Supports

    • Cold & Compression Therapy Machines

    • Dorsal Night Splints (for Plantar Fasciitis)

    • Walking Boots

    • & more

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