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Solutions for Everyday Use »

Many different occupations require their workers to be standing for extended periods of time. Mitigate any potential issues by making sure your feet are offering the support they need.

Examples of benefiting occupations +

  • Police Officers
  • Nurses & Caregivers
  • Pharmacists
  • Construction

Everyday Pedorthic Services +

Your first visit to Valley Proactive Orthotics will be a comprehensive exam that includes a medical history, biomechanical assessment, footwear assessment, and if necessary a foot casting.

Our pedorthists will also review whether custom orthotics are right for you. Like eye-glasses, not everyone needs them. So it is important that you see a specialist such as a Certified Pedorthist to receive the proper biomechanical solutions for your feet. Our Certified Pedorthists are trained and experienced in anatomy, lower-limb biomechanics, footwear and orthotic manufacturing; therefore will provide expert solutions for your footwear and orthotic needs.

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childrens orthotics

Solutions for Children »

Certain biomechanical variances can begin during childhood. Get off on the right foot with our custom orthotic solutions for children.

Treatment Plans tailored for children +

While all our younger patients undergo the same comprehensive assessment as our adult clients, children receive a treatment plan unique to their situation. We focus on short-term injury management and long-term strength and development.

Our Philosophy +

Children's feet develop and grow by the year, if not by the month! Caution must be used as we do not want children's muscular strength to be hindered due to a reliance on orthotic support. Our approach therefore focuses on the need of muscular support practices so that the child receives the care that will serve them well into the future.

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Solutions for Athletes »

Regardless of whether you are an elite athlete or rehabilitating from a recent injury, Valley Proactive Orthotics can help you make the most out of your active lifestyle.

Why Proactive +

Our pedorthists are also active in a wide variety of sports. We know firsthand the value of leading an active lifestyle. In addition to injury rehabilitation, our team can identify areas of potential risk and offer solutions that may limit future injuries.

Driven by Goals +

We know athletes are individuals driven by goals. We'll work with you to develop short and long-term goals that will help you return to activity and keep you at your elite performance level.

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